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When did I Learn to Love Myself

In a series of events, life has come to show me that without love, anything you do can become your worst enemy.

To be honest, anything you do in fact, no matter how “successful” you are at it – achieving great levels of admiration and rewards for it – if what you do is without love, it ultimately becomes your enemy and it eats away at your life’s joy, giving you no sense of fulfilment and happiness. If the journey to achieving greatness is without love (love for what you do and for your own self), it will always leave you empty and you will continue working to prove yourself to the world through ego and never-ending hunger. This I have seen happening over and over again, not understanding how something that is so admired by others could be so painful for me to do in my own life. There was just no love for it in my heart, that was the problem. And when there is no love, resentment slowly follows.

Until I found myself in a place of great depression, so deep that in many cases I wanted to end my life, I had never seen the possibility of how I could turn things around by simply doing what I love. But in order to find the strength and the courage to persue what trully resonated with me, I needed to fall in love with myself first and acquire an unshakeable cumpas that would lead me to my truest purpose of existence. In this journey, I learnt to accept the choices I had made that brought me to this point I had found myself in and began to admire the beauty of what couldn’t be changed – what in fact had been created by my own thoughts and choices from the past. Then I started looking more inwardly in search of what could be changed and altered in order to make my situation more bearable or be seen in a different light. All I could find was my inner-self. I stared dead straight at my attitudes and perceptions that shaped my devestaying outlook of my life and I started to look at the possibilities of how I could change these perceptions to make effective decisions that could take me out of this depression.

One thing that stood out for me the most was that I no longer had love for myself. A very fragile part of my heart had been neglected and needed resurrection. The love for who I truly am. After a few emotional exercises and some truthful conversations with people I reached to, I finally found it again.

In finding myself again, I found myself on air.

In this journey of life – the life of a girl in her 20s – figuring things out had lead me to a place of resentment, resenting my own self because of past mistakes I had made and resenting those that were my guardians for not fully preparing me at a young age. Every other decision that I seemed to have been making, now in my 20s, seemed to be a mere form of compensation to make up and correct what had been done in the past. Only to fataly realise the destruction this had on my life. Especially to my inner self. Whatever else I was attracting outside, was only a reflection of what was happening inside.

And many days later, in the pool of my own tears, I painfully looked at myself as I was faced with the truth of the world I had single handedly created for myself and realised that if there was to be any change, the change was only in myself. So I changed. I learned to love myself and the world became a better place.

Goodbye Facebook, it’s (not really) been real

I LOVE THIS BLOG POST. MANY THANKS ANTHONY… I recently bought a guitar and Facebook will certainly be the last to know.

Anthony Wilson

Dear Facebook

I thought I would write to let you know that after years of thinking (and even talking) about it, I am finally going to leave you later this year, probably on or around Easter, definitely before the summer.

You won’t really miss me. I was never one for posting photos of my amazing holidays or beautiful children (though they are, naturally) or thousands of awards and shortlists for my poetry (there haven’t been any) or arguments with other poets (ditto) or photos of the jam I have just made or that weekend living in my van.

I used you to spread the word about my blog, which I still love and feel wholly committed to in spite of everyone telling me blogging has died since Twitter. And, to be fair to you, you were good at that: getting the word out, helping me to get noticed, talked about…

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Who is Nos Royale?

Captured at 1KZNTV with @Makeupbykgotso

Nos Royale is a living brand who’s obsessed with dance and all that is in the arts – all that is royale. Graduating in 2013 from the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Drama, Performance Studies and Music, and since then, created and lead funded projects and start up companies. Born To Dance Youth Program was the first project built under my hands with a team of amazing creatives and it grew to Dance Life Africa (Pty) Ltd. In 2014, there were dance classes through Born To Dance Youth Program. Today there are Industrial Theatre programs for schools and companies through Dance Life Africa, plus dance classes too. At first we depended on funding and when that ran out, we had to find other avenues.

For the love of dance #JUSTDANCE

The journey has been long, but worth it. Different obstacles, different challenges and absolutely a hundred tests. Having the traumatic process of changing teams and at some moments even being left alone to figure out my own next move. Eventually it all made sense though and it all came together. The formation of Dance Life Africa has taught me something so deep and profound. That no matter what, persistence does pays off guys. When you have had to pick up the pieces and take your craft off the shelf and work on it again and again and again. Damn, it has really paid off! I’m so happy with the brand right now and how everything is working out, not as smoothly as we would wish it would be, but it works and it has been working well thus far.

When you are an artist, you are a healer. We use performing arts as a vehicle to drive messages and ideas to heal while entertaining. We employ youth in the creative space and business arena to utilize their skills on corporate and community development platforms. We are the mediator, a voice for those who wish to be heard.

Dance Life Africa is the reawakening of the unity of Africans through the common rhythm of dance.
Captured at 1KZNTV with @Makeupbykgotso

The Sun Xa Experiment Tour – Cape Town

Sun Xa Experiment is a 7 piece ancestral spiritual band from South Africa who cater music for healing
purposes. Witness them live to fully understand.

Jägermeister is proudly bringing Sun Xa to Cape Town in February 2019!


  • Buyisiwe Buyi Njoko – Lead Vocals, Vuvuzela, Shakers & Whistles.
  • Tebogo Mkhize – Acoustic Guitar & Raps.
  • Lerato Terrence Seitei – Electric Guitar & Vocals.
  • Benedict Watte – Percussions.
  • Musa Zwane – Bass Guitar.
  • Siphiwe S Mgidi – Drums, Back Up vocals, Istorotoro, Masengane & Wooden Whistle featuring Karolo …more on spiritual ritual dance and backups ad lips

Sun Xa’s Music aims for healing and uplifting, with the goal of playing stages throughout the country, from festivals remote stages that are not commercially known. Sun Xa are researchers, creatives, conductors and educators through life and that is heard in the lyrics and the movement on stage. The tour is going to be a whirlwind of great experience and music as the band will also be playing more music from their rich catalog during the tour to alternate the venues.

Umculo Umuthi

The tour includes support from:

The Mauskovic Dance Band: The Mauskovic Dance Band is the brainchild of Nicola Mauskovic Amsterdam based producer and Music maker. Combining elements of Cumbia, Afro-Caribbean rhythms, & Psychedelia in equal measure to create a unique hypnotic groove, The Mauskovic Dance Band has become a staple of festival stages and sketchy nightclubs across Europe since 2016.

PURE: The Journey of self-expression and freedom of heart. Travelling within to truly connect with my physical form and the voices I channel through my work. This project translates an ever evolving, ever reflecting entity that speaks and creates without fear. I invite you to join me on this quest for transcendence and healing.

Year of the Womxn: Year of the Womxn is a hip hop showcase highlighting LGBTQI and womxn MC’s, poets and singers from all over Cape Town. Uniting, liberating and educating through music. Produced by Hippkhoi Productions.

TUG (Time Unveils God): is an experimental thought provoking live hip hop band who hail straight from Johannesburg. Their sound is pure live hip hop with mind challenging lyrics and philosophies about African renaissance and about one finding their identity in this journey called life. It is a combination of 2 Emcees who are backed up by live drums, Guitar and Bass which makes a 5 piece outfit. One of the good sounds circulating around the scene.

You gotta experience the Sun Xa Experiment live!

The Sun Xa Experiment Interview

Sun Xa Experiment is an ancestral, spiritual, avant-garde, out-the-box group, hailing from Gauteng and Durban, South Africa, born in 2014. A 7 piece live music band that caters a spiritual and ancestral sound that tells of stories of who we are as the global community without race colour or nation. With their music written in IsiZulu, Sesotho and English their presence on stage is felt through their performance that leaves you in healing mode. What they give to people during their performances is not only music but is a spiritual journey into self-discovery. More is connecting with your ancestors, a reminder of who you are and where you are from as a human being. Their sound which they see as medicinal “Umculo Umuthi” is a 6 track journey through an hour set. Sun Xa Experiment gives a consultation performance which is a sound you do not ever want to miss.

When did you come together to form the group and how did 7 musicians get so infused together?

It is a deep thing when it comes to the number, it is a universal connection and results of our past journey into self discovery as a band.

As spiritual musicians, what is your vision for the group and what is your vision for thiose who hear and listen to your music?

Our vision is to first heal ourselves from our backgrounds which we were born into and through that we are able to touch people and be able to pass on a message of healing to others.

What are some of the struggles you have been through this far – as individuals and as a group?

As individuals our struggles are well balanced due to us always being together. We are able to disect and help each other. As a group though, part of our struggle is finances since everything we do is solely through our company Digging Thoughts.

Where do you see yourselves in the next 5 years?

In the next few 5 years to come we will doing our own festival, reaching out to those who can’t get to us.

If you were not in this group doing music, what would you be doing with your life?

We would be in this band. It’s a calling.

What is one word or one phrase that describes you collectively?

Umculo umuthi (Music is Medicine)

How do you balance your personal lives and work?

We spend most of our hours together working on music. Our work is personal, so it’s an automatic balance.

Which artist or band are you closely observing at the moment?

We appreciate a lot of bands currently whom we get to have the honor of sharing stages and events with. Divisible Xaba & BCUC to mention a few who stand out.

Any artist or band that you are competing with at the moment?

Do not compete nor compare, simply be yourself” that is how we move 🙂

What music do you listen to the most when you’ve had a bad day and need to relax or get your mood back up?

We listen to a variety of music from everyone’s personal choice to jazz to rock and any sound actually, including the music that people share with us.

Favorite spot to hang out in SA? And in Jozi?

We hang around our offices and rehearsal space a lot. Outside the office we prefer mountains.

Where do you one day wish to preform?

Glastonbury and Up the Creek festival

Any advice you would like to share with the younger generation coming up (either in the industry or just life in general)?

Be you, respect life and go get what is yours.

Any advice you would give to your younger self?

Keep working and never tire from being creative as you currently are.

What can we expect from Sun Xa in 2019?

Lots of great shows , Cape Town, Northern Cape, Swatini, Lesotho – we’re going everywhere.

The 7 members of Sun Xa Experiment

Rare Astrological Alignment

January 6 till March 5: All Planets Go Direct!

 Published on January 7, 2019 by Admin Astrological1

A rare astrological event will be occurring from January the 6th until March the 5th.

It is referred to as APDM. That is an abbreviation of, “All Planets in Direct Motion”. All the planets will be direct, and 5 planets in their natural home Star Sign.

It is a phrase coined by Wave Rayne, she was the first astrologer to publish articles about the event. “All Planets in Direct Motion” is a time when all the major planets will be moving in direct motion. It will last for only some time. This cosmic event is seen as a time of great fortune and the best time to take advantage of opportunities.

It is a time when the Earth’s perspective momentarily becomes like the Sun’s. The vibrations of the solar system will be providing some of their strongest solar assistance for those prepared to take on new endeavors.


When a planet is moving at its normal rotational speed, and that speed is the same as planet Earth’s, it is referred to as being in “direct motion”. As the name of APDM suggests, the period between January 6th and the 5th of March, and again on the 28th of March till the 10th of April is when not just one or two of the planets will be in direct motion, but all of them will be!


It is a time to be hopeful and begin new adventures. If you want to get married, this is a great time to propose. If you want to start a new business, then set the wheels in motion. If you want to get healthier, then begin during this period. With the strong cosmic energy helping, there is never a better time to take the plunge in whatever way you want to improve your life. 

Its effects will be life-changing for everyone. As something “bad” completely ends, something “new” completely begins. Whatever “it” is will have begun on 6th January 2019, and for some of you, will have been in the process of beginning since 1st December 2018.

Whatever “it” is has to be something that gives you hope for a better future defined by the past ending, especially a “past” that’s been draining you, worrying you and preventing you from moving forward with your life.

The Moon will be on maximum strength, with the Full Moon being on the cusp on the 21st of January. It’s the Full Moon which will be ensuring you feel “it.” In fact, this Full Moon is the Super Wolf Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse. What better way to start this new year, than with some serious cosmic events to put us where we need to be.

Walk Your Own Path at Your Own Pace

The Discoveries of Love at Age 29

Photograph by Swazi Manana at Worship on Water

Before I met this man, I was single and celibate for 4yrs. At age 22 I saw a bad trend in my relationships and realised how much I needed to learn how to love myself first before loving another. The 1st year was invested in my relationship with God and learning who I really am. Then the last 3 years were all spent praying for this man! Damn, did I have to wait. The pain of knowing that there must be a perfect man out there for me, but he was still preparing himself for the perfect time just like I was. Damn, those were painful 3yrs. Especially when temptations were rising. Different men seemed like they were the one, but there was always that something that would tell me, “Girl, let him go!”

“Just appreciate his good qualities and let him go. The one for you will have these qualities and much more.”

Fear would sometimes creep in and I would think limited thoughts of “what if…” Many people get trapped by these thoughts and will grab onto people that are not for them with the fear of being alone for too long or never finding the one at all. In this time of singleness, I realised that having standards is important, otherwise you settle for anything, and if you settle, it will always hit you badly in the long run (including the person you are settling with and the person that is meant to be with the person you are settling with, plus your own person that is meant to be with you). We are all connected angithi…

When we first met I thought nothing of this guy and to be honest, I didn’t trust him. He was a photographer that first approached me through Facebook. When he asked to capture me dancing, I feared he would take my pictures and use them on some party poster without my consent. That was until I googled LifestyleZA after my dance partner, Nswampa, convinced me to meet him and his friend, then I started to understand his purpose. I fell in love with his work first, which was good because I had no space for him in my heart. At the time I had a crush on another guy while another guy was asking me out. Life was a mess on the romance side and I would have ran away if he had asked me out. Meeting him through our creative careers and gradually working together was a blessing on its own, developing a friendship before the relationship was a prize of gold and I’m glad he himself had decided to take things slow.

At a local mall captured by Sanele Mbokazi

But then jumping into a long distance relationship after only few months of being together, that was stressful! I cried asking God what the purpose of all this was. I knew I needed the dance training that was only available in another city, but what about this relationship that has taken me 4 years of loneliness to find, only to be separated and be alone again. The answers would only be realised in my friend called time. And boy, this friend of mine was rough! Talk about tough love! But yes, it groomed us and strengthened us, otherwise it would have alternatively killed us. I had always wanted someone to grow with, little did I know that I could grow so much in my 20s – I wish I had known.

Truth is, pain comes to everyone at any time and in any circumstance, but it comes carrying gifts of lessons. Running away won’t help you open those gifts, but will only make you run into the same pain over and over again. It never ends until you face it and open up. Real peace and joy comes from the full embracement of pain, which of course takes time. That’s why we live life at our own pace. It all depends on how far your heart is willing to go and as humans, we all underestimate the strength of our heart until we are forced into extreme circumstances. Then we see the beauty of how far our heart can take us if we only allow it to go to the deep hidden places we don’t understand.

In as much as I’ve grown, he has grown as well. Like for one example, I can go through his phone and finally be at peace today. A year ago I would be having little heart attacks by now. I would spot all the ladies on his comments and check all their profiles (even the guys if I didn’t know them), then I’d check how often which lady liked or loved. If we were together and by any small accidental chance I was able to get my hands on his phone, hell yeah I would go through it! Checking inboxes, gallery or WhatsApp, anything I had the time to check at that point before he started wondering where his phone was, anything that didn’t need a password. Before, I would do all this with blood pressure rising and anxiety on high. Now we exchange phones so casually like a pen. Plus I’m glad his career no longer focuses on photography. Yerrrrr, those girls!

Selfie moments captured by iPad

In the two and a half years we have been together, I can honestly say that we have become new beings. We are constantly evolving, learning and unlearning as we go. We are slowly creating our own world, one in which we choose what to allow and what to shun away from. I had my own habits as well that he was patient enough to walk me through (like my temper) and so much that we’ve both had to open up about and be honest with each other on.

The journey continues and it is never ending. This year has been marvellous with its own ups and downs and we only look forward to the next year where we will be thrown into new waters and be forced to build a stronger boat and sail through it the best way we can.

Love is honestly not about the butterflies and romantic flowers, it goes deep to the roots and soil of where those flowers come from. Sometimes we even have to go as far as looking into the history of the land and soil, and the farmers that have toiled in order to get the beauty of each flower. That’s how deep the love of two people can go, in years, it surely goes even more and I’m willing to be there through all those years.

“I will walk with you wherever you go.”


By Phapano Phasha | 21.11.2016

It was never my intention as a woman to work and earn a salary or to be an entrepreneur. I understand that as a Human being I am equal to man but I am different, I am a woman.

My idea of success is not being an executive or “Go Getter” and since those who formulate laws have dictated that I should be an equal of a man I am personally subjected to inconveniences; I can’t be a woman as nature prescribed.

The materialistic nature of this society does not give me an opportunity to enjoy my womanhood and my role as a ‘Giver of Life’, as and when I give birth.

I am forced to abandon my children and hand them over to strangers who must take care of them.

And, when I marry the demands of a capitalist society forces me to work abnormal hours to also put wages in the table. Sexual favours become prevalent because I am told we are sexually liberated therefore prone to produce fatherless children and not taught to preserve my body.

As a woman I immensely contribute to the well-being of society by producing and giving birth to its vital workforce, a human being, yet I don’t get incentivised for this critical role instead I am expected to go and work after I give birth.

I am subjected to all sorts of humiliating money generating opportunities such as being a domestic worker, a prostitute and so forth to take care of this child. A child who will grow up to become something which will change human lives.

And, most importantly, my struggle is never rewarded for this contribution i have made.

I believe we must be given the chance to choose the character and content of gender parity.

By the way, not all of us are persuaded by the idea of gender equality, from an employment perspective of working under someone and generating wealth for the already rich where our labour is used for accumulating profit.

Staying at home should also be considered in terms of empowerment.

I am not persuaded by the ideals of feminism as postulated by our European sisters and legislated by our government, who said being a woman and liberated is defined by material gain and which, in many instances, is done to pursue capitalistic outcomes, where patriarchy and matriarchy both drive the capitalist agenda.

I am sure I will not make sense but the origins of the state and its custodianship over labour has turned us into machines and engineered us to believe producing work is a legacy driven decision.

Coming Home

We grow up in a fantasy really. We believe in Santa Clause and as girls we play with Barbie dolls believing that our savior is Ken (or any male idol) and he comes bringing fortune and fame to us. With such a plot embedded in our childhood, where marriage is our pride and joy, it is no surprise that women are the most gullible victims of Christianity as their husbands become Christ and the priests and pastors that promise fortunes and fame for them in heaven. And sadly I used to be that woman when I was single – Jesus was my bae! But women are programmed from birth, through family and media, believing that a man will come save them, take them out of their misery and bring them up to a brand new life. So if you see women filling up churches to the rim and defending their pedophile pastors, don’t blame them, rather explore the history of their past and understand what lead them to this point of despair.

In my home it is no different, but in some strange way, I’m expected to not have a man at all in my life and attach myself to Jesus till white farmers voluntarily give up their land to a black man and that black man comes to marry me without even getting to know me and we supposedly live happily ever after through the power of the very same Christ that promises me a good life only in heaven while I am to be a slave on earth. So when do we enjoy heaven on earth my kindred? And is it possible to enjoy life as 100% human and 100% God, just as we were created to? Of course you can, that is when you can identify yourself as who you truly are without incindezi yabanye abantu. True freedom and power is in your own capable hands.

Home can be such a disappointment sometimes. I don’t know what my children will say about their home when they lighten up, but disappointment is not one of the words I would like to hear.

Being your true self is my real heaven. When you can live life the way you consciously intend to and give away no power to the opinions of others, because frankly, they should be so content with their own lives that all they can do is support and congratulate you in living yours. But then the disappointment comes at home when you are slapped with the realization that parents don’t want you to be who you are. Who you are is foreign to them and would prefer you to be what they originally think of you. Forgetting that what they have in mind is not always the same as what the Creator had in mind and is most certainly not always what you have in mind. I won’t even want to go to what churches have in mind, because I no longer subscribe to organized religions. We are unique in our own ways, regardless of the background or environment we come from, so we most certainly will not be living our lives the same way and become the same people. We just can’t.

A true embrace is one that holds you and supports you in who and what you are. In different stages in our lives we grow and evolve with time, learning and unlearning, becoming new beings every 7 years as we shed old cells and become renewed. How then does one remain the same, how then does one hold on to the same beliefs when life’s experiences teach you deeper wisdom as you grow? In all hope, I choose to let go. I let go of what I cannot control and ride the wave of existence that takes me fluidly from one experience to another. Eventually, it all makes sense to those who are willing to see. And to those that don’t, let them be, for each to his own and to his own to be.

A Journey of Healing

I was supposed to visit some cancer patients at the oncology unit at the Queen Nandi Hospital the other Friday, but an emergency came up and couldn’t avail myself anymore. But in my absence, my friends at the hospital continued with the plans and had a wonderful, fun time with the patients. 

My reason for having wanted to go spend time with them is because I have come to realise the beauty of life and the importance to share that beauty. Who best to share that beauty of life than with people that are not in the most beautiful places in their lives. Filled with fear and pain that could cripple a human being, cancer patients go through the most when it comes to treatments and adjusting lifestyles. Such situations can be overwhelming, even with a good support structure.

Cancer develops slowly over time, much like stress and depression and if detected early, it can easily be treated. First, it whispers with a few headaches and heartbreaks, brushing issues away and relieving symptoms through easy pleasurable means, but eventually the symptoms become aggressive and are then too loud to ignore. In most cases it is only then when we usually pay attention and seek more permanent relief or treatment for our condition.

If our mind, body or spirit is in a dark place and out of balance, our cells weaken and give way to cancerous cells to take over and colonise our mind and body and spirit. When cancer starts living in a cell, it grows and grows, eating away at the cell tissue until that cell bursts and is no longer what it was intended to be. Then the cancer looks for another cell to inhabit and then another cell and then another cell, till there is a large family of cancer cells eating away your life. Learning that there is foreign life feasting inside you and thriving over your life is a very scary thought to come to terms with.

It is in that moment where you realise your life is out of balance and is soon going to cease if you don’t make any changes. That change can be very traumatic, stressful and exhausting. You cannot do it on your own. You need support, you need strength, you need courage, you need love. We don’t always share that as a people as we still need to heal even ourselves, but I believe we can heal ourselves while healing others – joined in a journey of healing while learning from one another and understanding each other.

I wish to join others in their journey of healing and in turn, heal as well. We all need each other, we all are connected and when one hurts, we all find hurt. When one heals, we all find healing. And when one dies, we all acknowledge the cycle of life.